Lonesome River Ranch LLC originated in the beginning of 2012. Jeff purchased his father’s ranch after the dispersal of his family’s ranch, Summitcrest, in 2011. In the dispersal sale, Jeff bought a select group of cows as a start-up herd for Lonesome River. Jeff wanted to continue to raise registered Angus cattle and have a group of good bulls to sell every year in a bull sale. After raising cattle for 25 years for his families ranch, he knew it was what he wanted to continue to do as Lonesome River. As our slogan says, we are a A New Brand from a Legendary Past.. Only being 4 years old as a new ranch, we have had some challenges, but have enjoyed the experience it has given us.

In 2013, we had our first bull sale. We were lucky to get a date in early March. So, our bull sale is the first Wednesday in March. We have a few guest consigners- Mason Angus, N backward 7, and Pine Hill Farms. We will have our first production sale December 10, 2016, and we are excited to offer some of our select females for this sale.

Jeff and I have two children, Jesse, and Ethan. Jesse is a graduate of Kansas State University majoring in Sports Medicine. While in college, she was on the Altus Oklahoma Rodeo team for 2 years then transferred to KSU where she rode on the Equestrian Team for 3 years as a Reiner on varsity earning points for her team every season. Jesse is now home and works for us on the ranch. She is starting her own herd of cattle, but wants to raise Red Angus. Ethan went to Casper College and Wayne State before deciding to go to Denver to learn how to film. He worked for a company called Sub-7 for 2 years. While he was there, he had the privilege to film shows for the Outdoor and Sportsman’s channel: The Crush with Lee and Tiff, Jeff Foxworthy, Craig Morgan, and The Habit. His true passion is guiding and hunting. He has his Alaska guide license. He travels to Alaska and guides hunts for dall sheep, brown and grizzly bear, and caribou hunts. When the hunting season is over, he works for us. Ethan also is starting his own herd of Registered Black Angus. He does our filming of the bulls, and is our AI technician. Jeff and I are so blessed to have both Jesse and Ethan here on the ranch.